Best Drama: Coming Home (Steven Liang), Mooncake (Francois Yang), Touch (Lulu Wang), Visiting Mum (Cassandra Nguyen), When Mom Visits (Chiung Chang)

Best Comedy: Behind the Scenes with Chad and Sam (Sam Li & Chad Maxwell), D.Asian (Sarah Smith), East of Hollywood (Chris Caccioppoli), Mango Sticky Rice (Mallorie Ortega), Straight Up (Steven Yee)

Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi: Eyes of Fate (Andrew Yi), Planet X (Rohit Gill), Sapphire Strange (Justin Calen Chenn), The Controller (Bryce Marrero), Time Capsule (Trinity Shi)

Best Horror/Thriller: Battle of Wills (David No), Hada (Tony Morales), Locksmiths (James Kwon Lee), Sweet Sixteen (Yung-Jen Yang), The Smiling Man (A.J. Briones)

Best Action/Adventure: Against Blood (Cassidy Lackos), Apart (Xin Huang), Eternity (James Boss), Mt. Molehill (Jesse Stewart), The Dragon’s Blade (Paul Nicoletos), You Can’t Hear Me. You Can’t See Me. (Andrew Suleiman)

Best Documentary: Father (Tresa Ponnor), Finding Cleveland (Larissa Lam), The Glass Man (We Ra)

Best Animation: Rain Lotus (Joe Chang), R I S E (Steve Nguyen & Choz Belen), Run Crab Run (Wei Lu), Up In the Clouds (Ed Moy), Waiting (Will Kim)

Best Music Video: Invisible People (Where’d You Go) – Model Minority (Angela Yu), Spaceship – Dan aka Dan featuring Sam Kang (Rommel Andaya), The Roar – Monish Gangwani (Monish Gangwani), Turn It Up – Tiger JK & Tasha (Steven Nguyen & Choz Belen), Aurora – Kenson Lee (Kenson Lee)

Best Actor: Frederic Siuen (Mooncake), Joshua Chang (Touch), Michael Tow (East of Hollywood), Roberto Van Nguyen (Visiting Mum), Yuki Matsuzaki (Locksmiths)

Best Actress: Andrea Bang (Playdate), Cici Lau (Metamorphosis), Imee Lysandrious (Anna), Julia Ma (Mt. Molehill), Roopashree Jeevaji (In Search of American Inshallah)

Best Supporting Actor: Bing Yin (Mooncake), Harold Perrineau (Meet Me At a Funeral), Naoyuki Ikeda (American Hikikomori), Richard Young (Virtual Hitman), Yehuda Nahari (Longing)

Best Supporting Actress: Akiko Shima (American Hikikomori), Cici Lau (Touch), Natalie Carter (Finding You), Sheilagh Weymouth (Rattlefly)

Best Ensemble Cast: 100 Rupees (Prashanth Raj), Crimson Defender vs. the Slightly Racist Family (Simu Liu), Karma (Sixing Su & Majun Chen), Kin (Deborah Kim & Jacobi Hollingshed), Mango Sticky Rice (Mallorie Ortega)

Best Director: Cassandra Nguyen (Visiting Mum), James Kwon Lee (Locksmiths), Lulu Wang (Touch), Mallorie Ortega (Mango Sticky Rice), Steven Liang (Coming Home)

Best Original Script: Chris Caccioppoli (East of Hollywood), James Kwon Lee (Locksmiths), Jordan Wong (More Than One), Julie Ow (My Life As a Sock), Sarah Smith & Phillip Guttermann (D.Asian

Best Cinematographer: Catherine Lutes (Anne Darling), Jaeyoung Jang (Battle of Wills), Luke Askelson (Mt. Molehill), Suhong Li (Karma), Xuhui Zhao (Twin Lotus)

Best Editing: Chris Caccioppoli (East of Hollywood), Inger Longren (D.Asian), James Kwon Lee & Edson Oda (Locksmiths), Qiuchen Cao (The Pride), Stephen Greist & Qianzhu Luo (Mango Sticky Rice)

Best Original Score: Aaron Kenny (Run Crab Run), Diana Cha (Mango Sticky Rice), Sun Jianguo (Rain Lotus), Vivien Villani (The Smiling Man)

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