“Where the Road Meets the Sun” Film Review & Screening Q&A: Mun Chee Yong, Eric Mabius, Will Yun Lee & Fernando Noriega

Where the Road Meets the Sun is a character driven drama about four men whose lives intersect at a hostel. The film has won cinematography and ensemble cast honors and rightfully so. Besides being a beautiful film to watch, the four lead actors mesh so well together. The film is Mexican actor Fernando Noriega’s English language film debut, and his performance is amazing as he is able to navigate the complexities of the character beautifully and create a very charming and memorable performance. The friendship he develops with the British traveler played by Luke Brandon-Field is such an unlikely pairing and yet these two actors have an on screen chemistry that makes the bond they develop seem life-like. Will Yun Lee has stepped into a non-action role that requires him to be both vulnerable and angry and he balances those two with enough caution that he is able to bring the pain his character is feeling alive. And what is so wonderful about the film is that Mun Chee allows every scene to marinate in such a way that the characters and their lives are presented with care instead of having them thrown out to the audience. In doing so she has allowed these characters to become very real. Independent filmmaking at its best!

Watch for upcoming screenings in San Diego (August 5th), San Antonio (August 5th), Dallas (August 12th), Chicago (September 9th), Miami (September 9th) and San Francisco (September 16th).


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