Asians On Film Festival: Open For Submissions!

Winter Quarter 2012 has passed and we have made selections of the short films being considered for awards. As we move into Spring Quarter we are looking forward to many more great short and feature films!

Asians On Film Festival is an extension of the website and like the website, our mission is to provide recognition to Asian/Pacific Islanders who work in the English language film industries (not necessarily in English language films) either as actors, actresses, writers, directors, producers, editors and/or those who work in other aspects of filmmaking. Our primary focus are films from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand where recognition of Asian/Pacific Islander talent is often overlooked because of their minority status. With the festival as an extension of the website, we are committed to promotion via news, information, interviews and recognition given by the festival. We hope to show the world talent that otherwise may be missed. With readership in 180 countries we expect the marriage of the website and the festival will provide an amazing forum for great films.