Shawn Bernal & Manny Manzanares Interview: LBP Stunts Chicago

When we interviewed Shawn Bernal and Manny Manzanares they had just won awards for “Best Fight Choreography” and “Best Martial Arts Action Sequence” for their short film Yo soy un hombre loco.

As part of LBP Stunts Chicago, they form a team of individuals with diverse training backgrounds and specializations in the martial arts, stunt performance, fight choreography and coordination, acrobatics, acting, and directing and are known as the top martial arts stunt performers in Chicago.

As an organization, LBP Stunts Chicago forms another aspect of stunt work on film, namely a company devoted to stunts and martial arts with a cast of trained actors/actresses who make films and are also available for hire to those who are looking for the expertise for a film project.