The World of Stunts In Film and Television

The world of those who do stunt work in film and television is fascinating to most and yet this aspect of acting often seems to be overlooked much of the time for the skill that goes into making them successful. There is an inherent risk in doing stunt work despite all the required safety precautions and mechanisms that are built into the performance. Many stunt performers are often trained in martial arts and there are actors who incorporate stunts as part of their overall acting career and others who choose stunt work as their sole acting choices and have a preference for staying more behind the scenes. Over the last two years we have done many interviews with Asian actors/actresses who have done stunt work in an effort to eventually highlight this aspect of the film industry. That time has now come and we will roll out interviews over the next month and highlight them in our featured section in an effort to show those who do stunts to our readers. To give you a taste of how stunts energize a a film, take a look at Chicago based SAG-AFTRA Stunt Performer/Fight Choreographer Emmanuel Manzanares’ recent stunt reel for LBP Stunts Chicago.