Asians On Film Festival Winners: Winter 2012

When we opened our first year of honoring films, we expected attention to be light as we geared up, so imagine our surprise at all the wonderful films we received and enjoyed. Our goal is to honor films with awards (short films quarterly, feature films semi-annually) and then revisit the winning films at the end of the year to determine the best of 2012. Our winter quarter awards have been announced and we are accepting films for Spring 2012! Congratulations to the winners and those who came so close to winning (honorable mentions)!

Best Short – Drama
WINNER – A Little Lost (Anupam Lahiri, Director)
Honorable Mention – Wonder Boy (Corrie Chen, Director)

Best Short – Comedy/Musical
WINNER – Shanghai Love Market (Craig Rosenthal, Director)
Honorable Mention – Mixed Blooms (Destri Martino, Director)

Best Short – Adventure/Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Horror
WINNER – Metal Gear (Agustin Rodriguez, Director)
Honorable Mention – Determined Spirits (Diana Rumjahn, Director)

Best Short – Documentary
WINNER – Merde! (Earl McDaniel III, Director)
Honorable Mention – The Golden Pen (Lani Selick, Director)

Best Short – Animation
WINNER – The Boy and the Tree (Jimmy Zhang, Director)
Honorable Mention – El Monte (Elaine Tang & John Liu, Directors)

Best Actor – Short Film
WINNER – Shaleen Cholera (A Little Lost)
Honorable Mention – Terry Sasaki (Fractured)

Best Actress – Short Film
WINNER – Cindera Che (Volte-face)
Honorable Mention – Teresa Huang (Mixed Blooms)

Best Supporting Actor – Short Film
WINNER – Alvin Lam (Mixed Blooms)
Honorable Mention – Duncan Tran (BBOY)

Best Supporting Actress – Short Film
WINNER – Sofia Shen (Wonder Boy)
Honorable Mention – Toni Domanico (Mixed Blooms)

Best Ensemble Cast – Short Film
WINNER – Tu & Eu (Edward Shieh, Director)
Honorable Mention – Mixed Blooms (Destri Martino, Director)

Best Director – Short Film
WINNER – Edward Shieh (Tu & Eu)
Honorable Mention – Corrie Chen (Wonder Boy)

Best Cinematographer – Short Film
WINNER – Christopher Guinness (Pothound)
Honorable Mention – Dae Hoon Kim (Fractured)

Best Editing – Short Film
WINNER – Vincent Tran (BBOY)
Honorable Mention – Christopher Guinness (Pothound)

Best Original Score – Short Film
WINNER – Shantanu Moitra (A Little Lost)
Honorable Mention – Mark Bijasa, Franco De Leon & Ren Tomio Lascelles (BBOY)


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