Christine Yoo Interview: Wedding Palace

Christine Yoo’s film Wedding Palace continues to be screened across the USA, but not in the traditional way. After screening at film festivals and winning multiple awards, Christine decided to take the film to college’s around the country to screen the film focusing on smaller cities that otherwise might not have the opportunity to see her film at a festival. The film was screened at Binghamton University, Cornell University, Wellesley College and last weekend at Portland State University. As more venues are announced we will keep readers up to date abouot screenings.

The film stars Brian Tee, Hye-jeong Kang, Jean Yoon, Bobby Lee, Joy Osmanski, Margaret Cho, June Kyoto Lu, Peter Kim, Steve Park, Charles Kim, Nancy Lee, Kelvin Han Yee, Simon Rhee, Elaine Kao, Julia Cho, Cindy Chiu, Enrique Almeida and Jose Collazo.

Wedding Palace will be screened at the Boston Asian American Film Festival on Oct. 26th. For more information and to purchase tickets visit their website: BAAFF


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