Jake Choi Interview: Jeremy Lin, Amy Poehler & Best Buy Superbowl Commercial Fame!

Actor Jake Choi sat down with us to talk about his acting career and the unexpected attention his acting has gotten from his role along side Amy Poehler in the 2013 Best Buy Superbowl Commercial.

Most recently Jake had a supporting role in the Premiere of the new series GOLDEN BOY.

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  1. Jake Choi Interview: The Learning Curve | Asians on Film February 22, 2013 5:37 pm 

    […] Jake Choi finds unexpected popularity from his nice guy role alongside Amy Poehler in the Superbowl Best Buy commercial, and has fans a bit shocked after seeing his amazing performance in the short film THE LEARNING CURVE. Writer/Director of the film, Scott Eriksson sits down to talk about the process, acting alongside Austrian actress and Chinese star Ina-Alice Kopp, and the story of “Lenny.” […]

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