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The site is an English language blog meant to be very broad as it encompasses Asian/Pacific Islander men and women in the Hollywood film industry. We hope to showcase all areas of film beyond just actors, actresses and directors. We also are excited about broadening the term “film” to encompass new media like webseries and music videos and be part of the ever evolving creative world of filmmaking that HD cameras have opened up to so much new talent.

Those who visit can expect to find information that is both helpful and informative as well as issues and subjects that may be only indirectly related to the film industry but of interest to film buffs, actors and actresses. One of our main features will always be interviewing and bringing filmmakers and artists one-on-one to our audience. We hope that the site will thrive on the input of others and less from the general rantings of its owners!

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  1. Zandria October 21, 2010 12:57 pm 

    Fan to Fan

    I am a big fan of Asian television and several Asian actors. The earliest I can date it back to is watching Happy Days with Pat Morita between the ages of 5-6 yrs old. In Happy Days Mr Morita character was not played with constant type casting that is still done with ethnic actors today. In the show he was just Arnold. Although Asian-Americans are making a more profound presence on American television very few if any are getting lead roles in sitcoms. Especially male Asian actors. They are allocated to dramas as doctors, detectives, computer techs, or a nerdy sidekick to the lead character. I have been fortunate the community I grew up in was a mix of Vietnamese, Korean, and African-American, my step-mother is from the Phillipine Islands and one of my bestfriends from college is Vietnamese. I learned early an appreciation for Asian actors and Asian television. Unfortunately Asians are not premered in television’s line up of situational comedy sitcoms and I often find myself watching shows from Korea and Japan. One of my favorite actors is Jung Ji-Hoon (aka Rain), I conjoled my friends into watching Ninja Assassin instead of Twilight: New Moon and I was pleasantly surprised to find Ninja Assassin was consistantly sold out over the holiday weekend. I had to buy my tickets almost six hours in advance because it was sold out. My point is that as wonderfull as he was in this movie the proof of his acting came to me when I watched two of his television sitcomes the first being Full House and the second A Love to Kill For. Two characters that are as different as night and day but were portrayed phenomenally by this young man. I would like to see more of such actors on American television not as temporary write ins for an episode or two or as side characters but playing the lead. Until then I will be watching the fall tv. line up from Japan as well as The Event (Ian Anthony Dale is just to good and gorgeous not to watch).

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