Max & Frankie’s Bromance and S.H.I.T

As part of a new wave of AOF web series focused on short episodes, Max & Frankie’s Bromance and Super Hero International Talent (S.H.I.T.) are the start of something new and very funny. Everyone loves a good romance and men are jealous of a good bromance.... read more

Asians on Film Festival of Shorts 2017 Winter Quarter Winners

The new year has started and that means the judges have begun reviewing films for our 2018 festival. Out festival works by reviewing films by quarters and announcing quarterly winners. Winners in each category automatically go on to compete for the festival award in... read more

Diversity Is Not the Problem #oscarssowhite

I have thought about jumping into the film and TV diversity debate many times, but hesitated. On the one hand, as a manager who works very hard to get traction for Asian American actors it is an important subject to me. On the other hand, the politics and debate can... read more

AWARD WINNERS – Asians on Film Festival 2017

Asians on Film Festival of Shorts handed out awards on January 22nd in 18 categories plus an Audience Choice award. We also presented our honorary award, Best Supporting Role Model, to actor PETER SHINKODA. …and the winners are: ACTION/ADVENTURE Arene (Henrik... read more

Asians on Film Festival of Shorts 2017 AWARD NOMINEES

Asians on Film Festival of Shorts takes place January 20-22, 2017 in Los Angeles at the South Park Centre in downtown Los Angeles. The awards ceremony on January 22nd will be in Beverly Hills at the beautiful private club, 424, where we will hand out awards in 18... read more

The 22 Second Audition Rule

As a manager there are areas of involvement in my actor’s careers that many may not think are part of my job, like prepping for auditions, but I consider it critical. Actors, train, they have coaches and classes and all kinds of acting expertise to tap into making... read more
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