Winners automatically compete for our year end “best” award in their winning category. Films submitted throughout the year are now being selected for screening at our 1st annual Asians On film Festival taking place in North Hollywood February 15-17, 2013. Visit our Facebook page for all the updates, news and information about the films being screened and the festival. Congratulations to all the winners and big thanks to our judges!

Short Drama
WINNER – Real Talk (Patrick Ng, Director)
Honorable Mention – Reunion (Jason Z. Wong, Director)

Short Comedy/Musical
WINNER – The Gelephant (Jenn Liu, Director)
Honorable Mention – Mister French Taste (Jennifer Thym, Director)

Short Action-Adventure/Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Horror
WINNER – Last Game (Mike Cutrone, Director)
Honorable Mention – I Am Vengeance (Wayne Lin, Director)

Short Documentary
WINNER – A Flicker In Eternity (Sharon Yamato & Ann Kaneko, Directors)
Honorable Mention -The Caregiver (John Paul Su, Director)

Short Animation
WINNER – Couch & Potatoes (Chris Lam & Eunsoo Jeong, Directors)
Honorable Mention – A Knock On My Door (David Chai, Director)
Honorable Mention – Hu’s Game (Shaun Seong-Young Kim, Director)

Best Actor Short Film
WINNER – Sui Keung Wong (Real Talk)
Honorable Mention – Tadamori Yagi (Reunion)
Honorable Mention – Shang-Ho Huang (Last Game)

Best Actress Short Film
WINNER – Jessika Van (Reunion)
Honorable Mention – Beverly Wu (Fantomes)

Best Supporting Actor Short Film
WINNER – Shivantha Wijesinha (Last Game)
Honorable Mention – Osric Chau (Mr. French Taste)

Best Supporting Actress Short Film
WINNER – Victoria Ma (The Robbery)
Honorable Mention – Jenn Liu (The Gelephant)

Best Ensemble Cast Short Film
WINNER – Reunion (Jason Z. Wong, Director)
Honorable Mention – In Full Bloom (Daniel Gonzalez, Director)

Best Director Short Film
WINNER – Patrick Ng (Real Talk)
Honorable Mention – Jason Z. Wong (Reunion)

Best Cinematographer/DP Short Film
WINNER – Junior Lucano & Allessandro Mattiolo (Vivian and Veronica)
Honorable Mention – Ryuji Kunii (Flowers For Her)

Best Editing Short Film
WINNER – Yukako Shimada (Reunion)
Honorable Mention – Patrick Ng (Real Talk)

Best Original Score Short Film
WINNER – Dave Iwataki (A Flicker In Eternity)
Honorable Mention – Chris Marz (Couple In the Bed

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