We are again thrilled with how many great short films are being made and for Spring 2012 there were a couple of categories where judges scores ranked films with similar scores “forcing” us to announce more than one honorable mention. Winners automatically compete for our year end “best” award in their winning category and will be considered for screening.

We are now accepting films for our Summer quarter and encourage you to let others know we are looking for films! Congratulations to everyone.

Short Drama
Waking Up, Yuta Okamura Director – Winner
The Telegram Man, James Francis Khehtie – Honorable Mention

Short Comedy/Musical
Dim Sum Noodle, Kent Leung & Milton Ng Directors – Winner
Born to Dance This Way, Jerell Rosales Director – Honorable Mention

Short Action-Adventure/Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Horror
Puppeteer, Pauline Lam Director – Winner
Prescott Place, Peilin Kuo Director – Honorable Mention

Short Documentary
The Lower 9: A Story of Home, Matthew Hashiguchi Director – Winner
All Are Different, Jiaxi Shen Director – Honorable Mention

Short Animation
The Escape, Andre Surya Director – Winner
Ballet of Unhatched Chicks, Shaun Seong-Young Kim Director – Honorable Mention

Best Actor Short Film
Tadamori Yagi (Waking Up) – Winner
Curtis Lum (Will) – Honorable Mention
Kenichi Sano (Giongo) – Honorable Mention

Best Actress Short Film
Jennifer Ikeda (Incoming) – Winner
Becky Wu (Pleasures) – Honorable Mention

Best Supporting Actor Short Film
Hidekun Hah (Born to Dance This Way) – Winner
Ki Hong Lee (Fratervention: The End of Bro’ing Out) – Honorable Mention

Best Supporting Actress Short Film
Eileen Soong (Born to Dance This Way) – Winner
Francesca Waters (Break) – Honorable Mention

Best Ensemble Cast Short Film
Dim Sum Noodle (Kent Leung & Milton Ng, Director) – Winner
Kuya Ko (Dean Banting, Director) – Honorable Mention

Best Director Short Film
Yuta Okamura (Waking Up) – Winner
James Francis Khehtie (The Telegram Man) – Honorable Mention

Best Cinematographer/DP Short Film
Mahmoud Abdelbar & Pattana Pattanasri (Sentaku Basami) – Winner
Kevin Scott (The Telegram Man) – Honorable Mention
Sourav De (1:30 am) – Honorable Mention

Best Editing Short Film
Allan Liang (Isolates) – Winner
Darryl Whetung (Will) – Honorable Mention

Best Original Score Short Film
Clarence Au (Will) – Winner
Paul Summerlin & Matty Castano (Breathe) – Honorable Mention

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