We are again thrilled with how many great short films are being submitted and the judges have finally announced the winners for Summer 2012. Winners automatically compete for our year end “best” award in their winning category and will be considered for screening.

We are accepting films for the final quarter of the year, Fall, and encourage you to let others know we are looking for films! Congratulations to everyone.

Short Drama
WINNER – Dumpling (Wesley Du, Director)
Honorable Mention – Her Story (Aaron Au, Director)

Short Comedy/Musical
WINNER – Chubby Can Kill (Kevin Ung Director)
Honorable Mention – Bleached (Jess dela Merced, Director)

Short Action-Adventure/Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Horror
WINNER – Sudden: Butterfly and the Dragon, (James Boss, Director)
Honorable Mention – Narcissim (Daniel Onoda, Director)

Short Documentary
WINNER – The 90th Minute (Jun Stinson, Director)
Honorable Mention – TaiwanFamous (Sarah Tadayon, Director)

Short Animation
WINNER – The Shopgirl (Diana Ling, Director)
Honorable Mention – Mirror (Q-hyun Kim, Director)

Actor Short Film
WINNER – Won Lee (Dumpling)
Honorable Mention – James Boss (Sudden: Butterfly and the Dragon)

Best Actress Short Film
WINNER – Arielle Tuliao (Her Story)
Honorable Mention – Jess dela Merced (Bleached)

Best Supporting Actor Short Film
WINNER – Hiro Kanagawa (Her Story)
Honorable Mention –  Raymond Chan  (Her Story)

Best Supporting Actress Short Film
WINNER – Kerri Patterson (The Commitment)
Honorable Mention – Elaine Pinto (Bleached)

Best Ensemble Cast Short Film
WINNER – Her Story (Aaron Au, Director)
Honorable Mention – A God of Sinners (Tagore Almeida, Director)

Best Director Short Film
WINNER – Wesley Du (Dumpling)
Honorable Mention – James Boss (Sudden: Butterfly and the Dragon)

Best Cinematographer/DP Short Film
WINNER – Tracy Whyte (Dalai Mongol)
Honorable Mention – Henry Li (The Lesson)

Best Editing Short Film
WINNER – Phoenix Liu (30 ½) – Winner
Honorable Mention – James Boss (Sudden: Butterfly and the Dragon)

Best Original Score Short Film
WINNER – Terry Chan (30 ½) – Winner
Honorable Mention – Levi Chen (Dalai Mongol)

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