These are the short film nominees:
Best Short – Drama
A Little Lost (Anupam Lahiri, Director)

Dumpling (Wesley Du, Director)
Real Talk (Patrick Ng, Director)

Waking Up (Yuta Okamura, Director)

Best Short – Comedy/Musical
Chubby Can Kill (Kevin Ung, Director)

Dim Sum Noodle (Kent Leung & Milton Ng, Directors)
Shanghai Love Market (Craig Rosenthal, Director)
The Gelephant (Jenn Liu, Director)

Best Short – Action-Adventure/Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Horror
Last Game (Mike Cutrone, Director)
Metal Gear (Agustin Rodriguez, Director)
Puppeteer (Pauline Lam, Director)
Sudden: Butterfly and the Dragon (James Boss, Director)

Best Short – Documentary
A Flicker In Eternity (Sharon Yamato & Ann Kaneko, Directors)
MERDE! (Earl McDaniel III, Director)
The 90th Minute (Jun Stinson, Director)
The Lower 9: A Story of Home (Matthew Hashiguchi, Director)

Best Short – Animation
Couch & Potatoes (Chris Lam & Eunsoo Jeong, Directors)
The Boy and the Tree (Jimmy Zhang, Director)
The Escape (Andre Surya, Director)
The Shopgirl (Diana Ling, Director)

Best Actor – Short Film
Shaleen Cholera (A Little Lost)
Sui Keung Wong (Real Talk)

Tadamori Yagi (Waking Up)

Won Lee (Dumpling)

Best Actress – Short Film
Arielle Tuliao (Her Story)
Cindera Che (Volte-face)
Jennifer Ikeda (Incoming)
Jessika Van (Reunion)

Best Supporting Actor – Short Film
Alvin Lam (Mixed Blooms)
Hidekun Hah (Born to Dance This Way)
Hiro Kanagawa (Her Story)
Shivantha Wijesinha (Last Game)

Best Supporting Actress – Short Film
Eileen Soong (Born to Dance This Way)
Kerri Patterson (The Commitment)
Sofia Shen (Wonder Boy)
Victoria Ma (The Robbery)

Best Ensemble Cast – Short Film
Dim Sum Noodle (Kent Leung & Milton Ng, Director)
Her Story (Aaron Au, Director)
Reunion (Jason Z. Wong, Director)
Tu & Eu (Edward Shieh, Director)

Best Director – Short Film
Edward Shieh (Tu & Eu)
Patrick Ng (Real Talk)
Wesley Du (Dumpling)
Yuta Okamura (Waking Up)

Best Cinematographer – Short Film
Christopher Guinness (Pothound)
Junior Lucan & Alessandro Mattiolo (Vivian and Veronica)
Mahmoud Abdelbar & Pattana Pattanasri (Sentaku Basami)
Tracy Whyte (Dalai Mongol)

Best Editing – Short Film
Allan Liang (Isolates)
Phoenix Liu (30 ½)

Vincent Tran (BBOY)

Yukako Shimada (Reunion)

Best Original Score – Short Film
Clarence Au (Will)
Dave Iwataki (A Flicker In Eternity)
Shantanu Moitra (A Little Lost)
Terry Chan (30 ½)

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