AOFF2015 handed out 16 awards on Sunday, March 29th and with so many excellent films the judging was competitive and difficult. We received hundreds of comments from attendees about the solid selection choices and even the difficulty they would have making decisions. That is why we are happy to say that all the nominees are winners! The awards ceremony went down in this order and the films walking away with awards are…

Best Editing: Conner Scott (Harper Valley PTA)
Best Original Score: Eros Cartechini (Talking to My Mother)
Best Cinematographer: Mingjue Hu (Tadaima)
Best Music Video: Too Many Nights @ Nuyorican – Kent Evans (Kent Evans, Michael James Wright & Ashley Fell)
Best Supporting Actress: Mariko Denda (Room731)
Best Animation: Something Important (NaiWei Liu)
Best Supporting Actor: Mackenyu Maeda (Tadaima)
Best Documentary: The Kung Fu Lesson (Khalid Ali)
Best Actor: Seung-Hyun Chong (Steh Auf (Get Up))
Best Action/Adventure: Burglar (Hojin Kim, Director)
Best Actress: Li Jun Li (Mistress)
Best Comedy: My Dog Wish (Terence Yu, Director)
Best Ensemble Cast: Tadaima (Robin Takao D’Oench)
Best Sci-Fi/Horror: Patient One (Erykah del Mundo)
Best Director: Leon Le (Talking to My Mother)
Best Drama: Talking to My Mother (Leon Le, Director)

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