Asians On Film Festival 2015 will take place at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles in Little Tokyo March 27-29th. The awards ceremony takes place March 29th @ 9PM. The film festival nominees are:

Best Drama: Mistress (Anja Murmann), Nighthawks (Gianpaolo Lupori), Steh Auf (Get Up) (Seung-Hyun Chong), Tadaima (Robin Takao D’Oench), Talking to My Mother (Leon Le, Director)

Best Comedy: Cantonese Style! (Bea Soong), My Dog Wish (Terence Yu, Director), Office Romance (Dennis Glasco), R.A.D. Men (David Monster), Stuff (Sofian Khan)

Best Sci-Fi/Horror: Carolina Parakeet (A.J. Briones), Enfilade (David Coyle), Escape (John Wynn), Patient One (Erykah del Mundo), Predetermined (Rommel Andaya)

Best Action/Adventure: Burglar (Hojin Kim, Director), For Your Troubles (Brandon Apfel, Director), Kung Fu Zombie (Milton Ng & Brendan Rae), The Amulet of the Dragon (Joao Paulo Andrade), The Scuttlebutt Assassins (D.Y. Sao & Wen Ren)

Best Animation: Currency Affairs (Zehao Xue, Director), Painter (Jisu Park), Red (Jess X. Chen), Something Important (NaiWei Liu), The Skinny Tree (L’arbe maigre) (Christophe Gautry)

Best Documentary: Dharma Road (June Inuzuka), Honorable Journey (Stephen Menick), Li Wei: Weightless (George Sinfield), Master Hoa’s Requiem (Scott Edwards, Director), The Kung Fu Lesson (Khalid Ali)

Best Music Video: Black Sail – Chastity Belt (Maegan Houang), Dim Sum – Only Won (Jason Poon, Director), Harper Valley PTA – The Sym (Conner Scott), Pretty In the Dark – Delica-m (Herman Wang, Director), Too Many Nights @ Nuyorican – Kent Evans (Kent Evans, Michael James Wright & Ashley Fell)

Best Actor: Eric Chen (The Little Violinist), Danovich Han (Scrubbers), Myles Cranford (Carolina Parakeet), Seung-Hyun Chong (Steh Auf (Get Up)), Zilong Zee (Talking to My Mother)

Best Actress: Akemi Look (Woman In Fragments), Christine Corpuz (Emmy), Li Jun Li (Mistress), Myrav Osofsky (Detached), Tina Chen (Descendants of the Past, Ancestors of the Future)

Best Supporting Actor: Delon DeMetz (Raymond Avenue), Mackenyu Maeda (Tadaima), Michael Galante (Hypebeasts), Robert Ryu (Predetermined)

Best Supporting Actress: Clare Nono (Kahea), Elizabeth J. Carlisle (For Your Troubles), Elizabeth Sung (Woman In Fragments), Mariko Denda (Room731), Amber Sweet, Jennifer Roberts & Janay Byrd “The Secretary Pool” (Harper Valey PTA)

Best Ensemble Cast: Audition (Celine Li), Carry On (Yatao Li), Nighthawks (Gianpaolo Lupori), Room 731 (Young Min Kim (Room 731), Tadaima (Robin Takao D’Oench), The Assassination of a Mathematician (Robert Wei)

Best Director: Celine Li (Audition), Leon Le (Talking to My Mother), Robin Takao D’Oench (Tadaima), Seung-Hyun Chong (Steh Auf (Get Up)), Young Min Kim (Room 731)

Best Cinematographer: Adam Goral (Room 731), Federico Taddei (Belief), Jih-E Peng (The Light and the Little Girl), Mingjue Hu (Tadaima), Qiang Peng (Carry On)

Best Editing: Cao Yang (My Dog Wish), Phoenix Liu (On the Road), Conner Scott (Harper Valley PTA), Wen Ren (Café Glass), Yolanda Centeno & David Bertran (Zugzwang)

Best Original Score: Elizabeth Lim (Belief), Eros Cartechini (Talking to My Mother), Juan Carlos Enriquez & Mika Selander (Zugzwang), Mike Kelly (Love Express), Tyler Koontz, Marisa Kosugi, Stephen Mitchell & Scott Nagatani (A Song For Manzanar)

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