If you missed our awards ceremony on March 13th, no worries! Here is the list of winners and a link to the entire awards ceremony on our youtube channel.

Honorary Award – Supporting Role Model:  KIEU CHINH

Honorary Award – Supporting Role Model:  WILL YUN LEE

Best Drama: Touch (Lulu Wang)

Best Comedy Mango Sticky Rice (Mallorie Ortega)

Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi: The Controller (Bryce Marrero)

Best Horror/Thriller: Locksmiths (James Kwon Lee)

Best Action/Adventure: Mt. Molehill (Jesse Stewart)

Best Documentary: Finding Cleveland (Larissa Lam)

Best Animation: Run Crab Run (Victor Wei Lu)

Best Music Video: Spaceship – Dan aka Dan featuring Sam Kang (Rommel Andaya)

Best Actor: Frederic Siuen (Mooncake)

Best Actress: Cici Lau (Metamorphosis)

Best Supporting Actor: Richard Young (Virtual Hitman)

Best Supporting Actress: Akiko Shima (American Hikikomori)

Best Ensemble Cast: Mango Sticky Rice (Mallorie Ortega)

Best Director: Mallorie Ortega (Mango Sticky Rice)

Best Original Script: Sarah Smith & Phillip Guttermann (D.Asian)

Best Cinematographer: Jaeyoung Jang (Battle of Wills)

Best Editing: Chris Caccioppoli (East of Hollywood)

Best Original Score:  Sun Jianguo (Rain Lotus)

Audience Choice:  East of hollywood (Chris Caccioppoli)

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