Winners in the short film categories for Fall 2013 have been selected! Winners automatically compete for our year end “best” award in their winning category at our Festival February 14-16, 2014! Congratulations!

All nominated short films in each category will be posted next week and full festival posting will be ready by mid-January.

Short Drama
Winner: Rock Springs (Lewei He, Director)
Honorable Mention: Made In Chinatown (Kevin Tau, Director)

Short Comedy/Musical
Winner: Hsu Ji (Behind the Screen) (Thomas Rio, Director)
Honorable Mention: Secondary Education (Jon Truei, Director)

Short Action-Adventure/Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Horror
Winner: Love Hurts (Albert Lopez, Director)
Honorable Mention: Hit Girls (Adrian Castro & Maria Tran, Directors)

Short Documentary
Winner: One Child (Zijian Mu, Director)

Short Animation
Winner: CRIME: The Animated Series (Sam Chou & Alix Lambert, Directors)

Best Actor Short Film
Winner: Simon Twu (Rock Springs)
Honorable Mention: Kenny Leu (Love Hurts)

Best Actress Short Film
Winner: Elaine Kao (Made In Chinatown)
Honorable Mention: Juju Chan (Hit Girls)

Best Supporting Actor Short Film
Winner: Jackie Tran (Love Hurts)
Honorable Mention: Raymond Ma (Rock Springs)

Best Supporting Actress Short Film
Winner: Michelle Cutolo (Secondary Education)

Best Ensemble Cast Short Film
Winner: Made In Chinatown (Kevin Lau, Director)
Honorable Mention: Dawn (Leon Le, Director)

Best Director Short Film
Winner: Kevin Lau (Made In Chinatown)
Honorable Mention: Albert Lopez (Love Hurts)
Honorable Mention: Lewei He (Rock Springs)

Best Cinematographer/DP Short Film
Winner: Daphne Qin Wu (Rock Springs)
Honorable Mention: Brice Pancot (Hsu Ji [Behind the Screen])
Honorable Mention: Elena Pardo (What Remains)

Best Editing Short Film
Winner: Leon Le (Dawn)
Honorable Mention: Akrovo Filippakopoulos, Coralie Van Rietschoten & Flora Volpeliere (Hsu Ji [Behind the Screen])

Best Original Score Short Film
Winner: Christopher Wong (Made In Chinatown)

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