Winners in the short film categories for Spring 2013 have been selected! The Drama category turned out to be tough competition this quarter with the judges awarding three honorable mentions. Winners automatically compete for our year end “best” award in their winning category and will be considered for screening at our Festival in February 2014! Congratulations to everyone. Submissions are open for Summer quarter!

Short Drama
Burmese Refugee (Michael Tacca, Director) – Winner
Lee’s Market (Jing Shao, Director) – Honorable Mention
Shino’s Show (Adam Watkins, Director) – Honorable Mention
Two Weeks (Rodney To, Director) – Honorable Mention

Short Comedy/Musical
Oh, My Bag! (Seong Bong Lee, Director) – Winner
Healthy (Gary Condes, Director) – Honorable Mention

Short Action-Adventure/Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Horror
蜜月套房 (Honeymoon Suite) (Zao Wang, Director) – Winner
Odessa (Cidney Hue, Director) – Honorable Mention

Short Documentary
Memory of Forgotten War (Deann Borshay Liem & Ramsay Liem, Directors) – Winner
Beneath the Surface of Asia’s World City (Jody-Lan Castle, Director) – Honorable Mention

Short Animation
Dear My Son (Will Kim, Director) – Winner
Handi & V (Fenway Fan, Director) – Honorable Mention

Best Actor Short Film
Rick Han (Oh, My Bag!) – Winner
Adrian Zaw (Burmese Refugee) – Honorable Mention
Paolo Montalban (Two Weeks) – Honorable Mention

Best Actress Short Film
Susan Momoko Hingley (Shino’s Show) – Winner
Crystal Chiu (Two Weeks) – Honorable Mention

Best Supporting Actor Short Film
Christopher Goh (Healthy) – Winner
Ova Saopeng (Burmese Refugee) – Honorable Mention

Best Supporting Actress Short Film
Alexis Rhee (Lee’s Market) – Winner
Tina Chilip (Two Weeks) – Honorable Mention

Best Ensemble Cast Short Film
Two Weeks (Rodney To, Director) – Winner
Lee’s Market (Jing Shao, Director) – Honorable Mention

Best Director Short Film
Michael Tacca (Burmese Refugee) – Winner
Rodney To (Two Weeks) – Honorable Mention

Best Cinematographer/DP Short Film
Jack Lam (蜜月套房 [Honeymoon Suite]) – Winner
Mishka Kornai (Burmese Refugee) – Honorable Mention
Jason Chau (Vision In the Moonlight) – Honorable Mention

Best Editing Short Film
Zao Wang (蜜月套房 [Honeymoon Suite]) – Winner
Deann Borshay Liem & Corey Ohama (Memory of Forgotten War) – Honorable Mention

Best Original Score Short Film
JJ Lee & Chris Lord (Memory of Forgotten War) – Winner
Jesse Chui (Back to Innocence) – Honorable Mention

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