We are starting off our second year with winners in the short film categories for Winter 2013. Winners automatically compete for our year end “best” award in their winning category and will be considered for screening at our Festival in February 2014! Congratulations to everyone. Submissions are open for Spring quarter!

Short Drama
Hew (Laurie Tsou, Director) – Winner
Disconnection (Steven Krimmel, Director) – Honorable Mention

Short Comedy/Musical
Waiting For Godot (Caitlin Pashalek, Director) – Winner

Short Action-Adventure/Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Horror
Edge of Destruction (Fei Xiang) – Winner
Ms. 3PM (Alain Matz, Director) – Honorable Mention

Short Documentary
Inter-Mezzo (Stephen Chen, Director) – Winner
I’m Fine, How Are You (Chinnapat Potheing, Director) – Honorable Mention

Short Animation
Stronger (Max Zhang, Director) – Winner

Best Actor Short Film
Allen Theosky Rowe (Relativity) – Winner

Best Actress Short Film
Joyce Liu (Hew) – Winner
Mara Measor (I Think About You Sometimes) – Honorable Mention

Best Supporting Actor Short Film
Eijiro Ozaki (Lil Tokyo Reporter) – Winner

Best Supporting Actress Short Film
Keiko Agena (Lil Tokyo Reporter) – Winner
Damara Reilly (Flawless) – Honorable Mention

Best Ensemble Cast Short Film
Relativity (Davis Wyn, Director) – Winner
Keye Luke (Timothy Tau, Director) – Honorable Mention

Best Director Short Film
Laurie Tsou (Hew) – Winner
Davis Wyn (Relativity) – Honorable Mention

Best Cinematographer/DP Short Film
Ryo Rex (Lil Tokyo Reporter) – Winner
Richard Wong (Box of Hearts) – Honorable Mention

Best Editing Short Film
Steven Krimmel (Disconnection) – Winner

Best Original Score Short Film
George Shaw (Keye Luke) – Winner
Roger Suen, Greg Kuehn & Ted Korsmo (Box of Hearts) – Honorable Mention
Kalyan Subramanian (Flawless) – Honorable Mention

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