2014 is behind us and the winners for the final quarter of the year, fall, have been decided by the judges. Film festival selections will be announced in the next couple of weeks!

Best Drama
Winner: Talking to My Mother (Leon Le, Director)
Honorable Mention: Tadaima (Robin Takao D’Oench, Director)

Best Comedy
Winner: My Dog Wish (Terence Yu, Director)

Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Horror
Winner: Enfilade (David Coyle, Director)

Best Action/Adventure
Winner: Burglar (Hojin Kim, Director)
Honorable Mention: The Scuttlebutt Assassins (D.Y. Sao & Wen Ren)

Best Documentary
Winner: Master Hoa’s Requiem (Scott Edwards, Director)

Best Animation
Winner: Currency Affairs (Zehao Xue, Director)
Honorable Mention: The Painter (Jisu Park, Director)

Best Music Video
Winner: Dim Sum – Only Won (Jason Poon, Director)

Best Actor
Winner: Zilong Zee (Talking to My Mother)
Honorable Mention: Curtis Lum (Jaded)

Best Actress
Winner: Myrav Osofsky (Detached)
Honorable Mention: Sheila Tejada (Anastasia’s Journey)

Best Supporting Actor
Winner: Mackenyu Maeda (Tadaima)

Best Supporting Actress
Winner: Elizabeth J. Carlisle (For Your Troubles)

Best Ensemble Cast
Winner: Robin Takao D’Oench (Tadaima)
Honorable Mention: Robert Wei (The Assassination of a Mathematician)

Best Director
Winner: Leon Le (Talking to My Mother)
Honorable Mention: Robin Takao D’Oench (Tadaima)

Best Cinematographer
Winner: Mingjue Hu (Tadaima)
Honorable Mention: Mg Mg Tha Myint (Side Glance of Dragon)

Best Editing
Winner: Cao Yang (My Dog Wish)

Best Original Score
Winner: Eros Cartechini (Talking to My Mother)
Honorable Mention: Tyler Koontz, Marisa Kosugi, Stephen Mitchell & Scott Nagatani (A Song For Manzanar)

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