Asians on Film Festival of Shorts has completed our third quarter. Our festival works by reviewing films by quarters and announcing quarterly winners. Winners in each category automatically go on to compete for the festival award in that category at our 2018 festival. Fall Quarter submissions end December 20, 2017!

The Asians on Film Festival of Shorts will take place January 26-27, 2018 at MONKSPACE in K-Town, Los Angeles.


The Summer Quarter winners are:


Winner: 88’Seoul (Seongho Heo)


Winner: Kai (Eiris Lu)

Honorable Mention: A Branch of a Pine Is Tied Up (Tomoyasu Murata)


Winner: Chollywood (Simon J. Young)

Honorable Mention: The Final Delivery (Jesse Gi)


Winner: Basha Man (Daniel Chein)

Honorable Mention: Grandma’s Room (Suyeon Choi)

Honorable Mention: On the Bright Side (Thi Doan)


Winner: Monday (Dinh Thai)

Honorable Mention: Special Moves (Bo-kyung Seo)


Winner: ZACKMAN (Jack Tong)

Honorable Mention: Land of Behemoths (Fred Grant)

Honorable Mention: The Black Cat (Bhargav Saikia)


Winner: Don’t Click (G-Hey Kim)

Honorable Mention: Wake Up (Fan Ka Chun)

Music Video

Winner: (I Wanna Meet) Bill Nye – Jon Yoon (Amanda Drewniak)


Winner: Kevin David Lin (Monday)

Honorable Mention: Tim Lounibos (No Spring Without Winter)


Winner: Youngran Bae (88’Seoul)

Ensemble Cast

Winner: Anh Hung (Lelinh Du)

Honorable Mention: Chollywood (Simon J. Young)

Original Script

Winner: Simon J. Young & Jack Li (Chollywood)


Winner: Dinh Thai (Monday)

Honorable Mention: Seongho Heo (88’Seoul)


Winner: A. Vasanth (The Black Cat)

Honorable Mention: Quinton Wong (ZACKMAN)

Original Score

Winner: Gavin Kwok (ZACKMAN)

Honorable Mention: Tatsuhide Tado (A Branch of a Pine Is Tied Up)

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