Spring quarter ended June 30th and if anyone is wondering why it took so long to announce the winners it’s because we keep breaking submission records and that’s more for the judges to review.

As a reminder, quarterly winners in each category automatically qualify for festival screening in 2016 and are one of the nominees for the best of festival awards in that category. Submissions are open for Summer Quarter ending September 30, 2015.

And the winners are:

Best Drama
Winner: When Mom Visits (Chiung-wen Chang)
Honorable Mention: Rattlefly (Min Ding)

Best Comedy
Winner: Straight Up (Steven Yee & Gerry Maravilla)
Honorable Mention: The Girl Who Couldn’t Get High (Andrew Olsen)

Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Winner: Time Capsule (Trinity Shi)

Best Horror/Thriller
Winner: Locksmiths (James Kwon Lee)
Honorable Mention: The Smiling Man (A.J. Briones)

Best Action/Adventure
Winner: Against Blood (Cassidy Lackos)
Honorable Mention: Vigilance (Brenton Fosner)

Best Documentary
Winner: Father (Tresa Ponnor)
Honorable Mention: Dirty War (Daniel Gao)
Honorable Mention: Rukan (Hossein Jehani)

Best Animation
Winner: Waiting (Will Kim)

Best Music Video
Winner: Invisible People (Where’d You Go) by Model Minority (Angela Yu, Director)

Best Actor
Winner: Yuki Matsuzaki (Locksmiths)
Honorable Mention: Ji Han (Against Blood)

Best Actress
Winner: Cici Lau (Metamorphosis)
Honorable Mention: Maren Lord (Rattlefly)

Best Supporting Actor
Winner: Richard Young (Virtual Hitman)
Honorable Mention: JuneSoo Ham (Good Boy)

Best Supporting Actress
Winner: Sheilagh Weymouth (Rattlefly)

Best Ensemble Cast
Winner: Karma (Sixing Su & Majun Chen)
Honorable Mention: When Mom Visits (Chiung-wen Chang)

Best Director
Winner: James Kwon Lee (Locksmiths)
Honorable Mention: Chiung-wen Chang (em>When Mom Visits )

Best Cinematographer
Winner: Suhong Li (Karma)
Honorable Mention: Jeffrey Santos (Against Blood)

Best Editing
Winner: James Kwon Lee & Edson Oda (Locksmiths)
Honorable Mention: Joe Raffa (Vigilance)

Best Original Score
Winner: Vivien Villani (The Smiling Man)
Honorable Mention: Advait Nemlekar (Awakenings)

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