Our 2016 film festival is inching ever closer. We have our new festival logo thanks to our sponsor Pixel X Code and they have also updated our website! These are the Summer Quarter winners and honorable mentions. Winners automatically are accepted into the 2016 festival and compete for the festival award. We are now into the final quarter of the year (Fall) and have already broken the 400 submission mark! Final submissions are due December 31st.


Best Drama 
Winner: Coming Home (Steven Liang)

Honorable Mention: More Than One (Takahisa Shiraishi)

Honorable Mention: 100 Rupees (Prashanth Raj)

Best Comedy
Winner:  East of Hollywood (Chris Caccioppoli)

Honorable Mention: Behind the Scenes with Chad and Sam (Sam Li & Chad Maxwell)

Honorable Mention: Jackie Boy (Musashi Alexander)

Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Winner:  Eyes of Fate (Andrew Yi)

Best Horror/Thriller
Winner:  Battle of Wills (David No)

Honorable Mention: The Breakdown on Highway 7 (Jaswant Shrestha)

Best Action/Adventure
Winner:  The Dragon’s Blade (Paul Nicoletos)

Honorable Mention: Lover and the Fighter (Joseph Le)

Honorable Mention: The Destined King (Kiyun Sung)

Best Documentary 
Winner:  Finding Cleveland (Larissa Lam)

Honorable Mention: Fairy Tales (Rongfei Guo)

Best Animation 
Winner: Up In the Clouds (Ed Moy)

Best Actor
Winner: Michael Tow (East of Hollywood)

Honorable Mention: Grant Chang (Finding You)

Best Actress 
Winner: Andrea Bang (Playdate)

Honorable Mention: Christina Jun (My Best Friend, Ben)

Best Supporting Actor
Winner: Harold Perrineau (Meet Me At a Funeral)

Honorable Mention: Matt Pascua (My Best Friend, Ben)

Best Supporting Actress 
Winner: Natalie Carter (Finding You)

Best Ensemble Cast 
Winner: 100 Rupees (Prashanth Raj)

Honorable Mention: Kin (Deborah Kim & Jacobi Hollingshed)

Best Director
Winner: Steven Liang (Coming Home)

Honorable Mention: David No (Battle of Wills)

Best Cinematographer 
Winner: JaeYoung Jang (Battle of Wills)

Honorable Mention: Matthew Victor Pastor (Xuong Duoi (Down Under))

Best Editing
Winner: Chris Caccioppoli (East of Hollywood)

Best Original Score 
Winner: Pantawit Kiangsiri (A Decision)

Honorable Mention: Edward Trinh (Xuong Duoi (Down Under))


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