Winter Quarter for Asians on Film Festival of Shorts has ended and submissions for Spring Quarter have started. Quarterly winners in each category will compete for the festival prize at our 2017 festival. Congratulations to all the recognized talent!


Winner: TENGU Birdmen of the Mountains (Samuel Smith)


Winner: JIbi (Gregory Chen)


Winner: It’s Not Always Sunny (Kimberly Hwang)

Honorable Mention: The Wall (Samuel Lampaert)


Winner: Master of the Sky: The Life and Art of Sam Koji Hale (Sumiko Braun)

Honorable Mention: N64Q: Born Free (Sasha Gransjean)

Honorable Mention: Age Height Education (Kate Lefore)


Winner: Retriever (Joo Hwan Kim)

Honorable Mention: Run For the Truth (Damien Steck)


Winner: SEED (Nelson Lee)

Honorable Mention: The Lost City of Tomorrow (Auden Bui)


Winner: Eligere (Shinha Kang)

Honorable Mention: Kumiho (Christian Lagalante)

Honorable Mention: Feliz (Steven Yee)

Music Video

Winner: War & Peace – Farhad Bazleh (Mojtaba)

Honorable Mention: The Blue Room – Al Hamdu Li Llah (Bettina D’Mello)


Winner: Omi Vaidya (It’s Not Always Sunny)

Honorable Mention: Vin Kridakorn (Affection)


Winner: Anisha Adusumilli (First Date)

Honorable Mention: Tina Pan (Good Chemistry)

Supporting Actor

Winner: Lawrence Kao (SEED)

Supporting Actress

Winner: Lara Gregg (It’s Not Always Sunny)


Winner: It’s Not Always Sunny (Kimberly Hwang, Director)

Honorable Mention: Joo Hwan Kim (Retriever)

Ensemble Cast

Winner: Shun (Lavi Hu)

Honorable Mention: Run For the Truth (Damien Steck)


Winner: Damien Steck (Run For the Truth)

Honorable Mention: Tony Rettenmaier (The Lost City of Tomorrow)


Winner: Garveaux Sibouoro (The Lost City of Tomorrow)

Original Score

Winner: Asuko Ito (Jlbi)

Honorable Mention: Ben Lukas Boysen (Run For the Truth)

Original Script

Winner: Samuel Lampaert (The Wall)

Honorable Mention: Joo Hwan Kim (Retriever) 

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