Edison Chen’s busy schedule kept him from the chair in front of our camera, but he still took time to send us some answers to questions regarding his career and his role in Almost Perfect.

#1. While you made a conscious decision to step away from film for a period of time did the demand for you to star in films continue to come even though you stated publicly you were not interested?
Edison: Well honestly, not much.  I was banned from being in things in China and that is my market, so when Bertha trusted me to do a role for “Almost Perfect” I was quite elated.  I was itching to act and this was perfect timing for me.  It was a good opportunity for me to get my acting juices flowing again, ALMOST PERFECT in a sense! Haha…
#2. “Almost Perfect” is an USA/English language film. At this point in your film career do you plan to focus on more English language films and make your mark in Hollywood?
Edison: I just wanna make good movies, I don’t care if it is Hollywood, Bollywood, France, or even MARS for that matter!  I just want to be able to use the skills I have to make good entertainment for all to enjoy.  English language is always good though because it is my first language and I can express myself the better than Chinese, so it’s like a fresh new outlook on acting!
#3. How did you become involved in the film project “Almost Perfect” and why did you choose this film to return to the big screen?
Edison: Initially, Bertha asked me to be the lead and after I read the script the role of ANDY really stuck out as someone I related to a lot more, so I asked her if I could play that role.  I don’t necessarily see this as a return or anything…honestly, in my mind I never left, and I won’t leave!  I am here to stay whether people like it or not!

#4. Having starred in so many great action films, doing a comedy must be a great change of pace. What can you tell us about your character Andy Lee and his relationship to the other characters in the film?
Edison: Comedy is something I love, but it was very new to me as an actor so it took a little time to adjust to it.  But I find it really interesting and challenging and that is what I want from every job.  If there is no challenge it makes things a bit boring for me.  Andy is quite the character, he has a love/hate relationship with EVERYONE he knows, I think he has a lot of internal issues and he doesn’t love himself so he can’t love anyone else either…he is very much a tormented soul so to speak…
#5. Bertha Pan is an incredible talent who is getting a lot of buzz. As a Writer/Director/Producer and Asian woman she is breaking a lot of barriers. What was it like working with Bertha and how do you compare her style of directing with other directors you have worked with?
Edison: Bertha is an actor’s director, she lets you play and be yourself, but she will also reign you in when we go too far.  Personally, I love that style because I always think it is a good thing for actors not to feel too boxed in or limited in regards to how something should be played or how the character should be in a movie.  Every actor has a different perspective and when all those thoughts and ideas crash into each other that is what makes movie magic!  Bertha will be successful for years to come and I hope I can work with her more and more in the future.

Bertha’s film will be screened Oct. 20th @ 7:00PM & 9:45PM as part of the San Diego Film Festival. For more information and to purchase tickets visit their website: SDAFF

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