Sitting down with Jason Chu is exercising the brain. The interview was so long I didn’t know how I was gonna edit this down to the standard 5 minutes. In fact, I didn’t…when I chopped to 7 minutes I quit. One thing that Jason is very clear about is that his art is not just making music or spoken word, it always starts with the message. We discussed how his art is like filmmaking; you have a story to tell and you use your art and talent to give people your story. Jason also doesn’t wanna be nice, but in telling his truth he does want to be gentle and kind. A perfect interview for the end of the year, Jason Chu speaking hope, healing and justice.

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Two recent videos to explore include MARVELS TRAILER with a dark yet positive twist on Superman and the brilliant spoken word piece COLORBLIND…is just another way of saying “we don’t care.”

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