As part of a new wave of AOF web series focused on short episodes, Max & Frankie’s Bromance and Super Hero International Talent (S.H.I.T.) are the start of something new and very funny.

Everyone loves a good romance and men are jealous of a good bromance. Max and Frankie are two zombie fighting machines who always have each others backs. In fact, they have each others fronts, sides, top and bottom too because they have the perfect bromance. They will do anything for each other including being there through the worst of times; like in episode 1 when Max is showing his support and care for the horribly sunburned Frankie. Starring Christian Olivo as Frankie and Charlit Dae as Max.


Super Hero International Talent (S.H.I.T.) is the brain child of Don Dump who started the company to find and develop new super heroes. Mr. Dump released the following statement:

“I’ve started a terrific talent management company, Super Hero International Talent. SHIT is gonna be amazing. Super heroes have been a total disaster costing taxpayers millions and billions. Iron Man weak; Batman lightweight; Superman fake; Flash low energy; all are major losers. I think bigly and I’m going to make super heroes great again with tremendous new talent. Believe me, it’s going to be fantastic.”

Stay tuned for a peak inside this new management company and they super heroes they manage! Starring Minho Kim as Do Dump.


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