Nadine Truong may be in the beginning stages of building a film career, but she has already proven she has the writing, directing and the “eye” to create and frame a story that will grab you, move you and make you remember what she has done. Nadine is also a photographer and that love has translated into being able to capture moments on film that are beautiful even when the scene may be “ugly.” Nadine’s films are frequently dark or touch on uncomfortable subject matters, yet she manages to handle them so carefully.

We met with Nadine in her studio to talk about the creative process of writing and directing and you will see from the interview that the thoughtful process that goes into her making a film is a fascinating journey. Nadine is about to begin filming her first feature in September (and we are not giving you any hints about it) and you can be sure we will be following up with Nadine and her newest creative effort as the film moves from pre-production to a release date! For more information about Nadine’s photography visit her website here: Nadine Truong Photography

Photographed by Eric Chenjie Pan, Edited by Hanh Nguyen

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