Throughout 2013 Asians On Film Festival has been receiving submissions for the 2014 Festival, a celebration of the best of 2013. Each quarter (WINTER – Jan/Feb/March, SPRING – April/May/June, SUMMER – July/Aug/Sept, FALL – Oct/Nov/Dec) for which films are submitted, the judges selected short film winners in 14 categories. The winners in each category from each quarter plus an extra “judge’s choice” comprise the five nominees for 2014 festival awards. The awards ceremony is Feb 16, 2014. Here are the 2014 Asians On Film Festival short film nominees. Congratulations!

Short Drama
Above the Waist (Tuyen Do, Director)
Burmese Refugee (Michael Tacca, Director)
HEW (Laurie Tsou, Director)
Made in Chinatown (Kevin Lau, Director)
Rock Springs (Lewei He, Director)

Short Comedy/Musical
Hsu Ji [Behind the Screen] (Thomas Rio, Director)
Oh, My Bag! (Seong Bong Lee, Director)
Still (William Lu, Director)
Waiting For Godat (Caitlin Pashalek, Director)
Why I Write (Masahiro Sugano, Director)

Short Action-Adventure/Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Horror
Edge of Destruction (Fei Xiang, Director)
Hit Girls (Adrian Castro & Maria Tran, Directors)
蜜月套房 [Honeymoon Suite] (Zao Wang, Director)
Impression-XPS160 (Tiyam Yabandeh Jahroumi, Director)
Love Hurts (Albert Lopez, Director)

Short Documentary
Beneath the Surface of Asia’s World City (Jody-Lan Castle, Director)
Inter-Mezzo (Stephen Chen, Director)
Memory of Forgotten War (Deann Borshay Liem & Ramsay Liem, Directors)
One Child (Zijian Mu, Director)
Rainy Season (Joan Widdifield, Director)

Short Animation
CRIME: The Animated Series (Sam Chou & Alix Lambert, Directors)
Dear My Son (Will Kim, Director)
Entrance Exam (入學考試) (Boqing Tang, Director)
Fat Cory (Kun Yang, Director)
Stronger (Max Zhang, Director)

Best Actor Short Film
Allen Theosky Rowe (Relativity)
Andrew Koji (Above the Waist)
Adrian Zaw (Burmese Refugee)
Danovich Han (Oh, My Bag!)
Simon Twu (Rock Springs)

Best Actress Short Film
Elaine Kao (Made In Chinatown)
Joyce Liu (HEW)
Mara Measor (I Think About You Sometimes)
Nancy Ma (Words Apart)
Susan Momoko Hingley (Shino’s Show)

Best Supporting Actor Short Film
Christopher Goh (Healthy)
David Terrell (Love Thy Neighbor)
Eijiro Ozaki (Lil Tokyo Reporter)
Ova Saopeng (Burmese Refugee)
Jackie Tran (Love Hurts)

Best Supporting Actress Short Film
Alexis Rhee (Lee’s Market)
Keiko Agena (Lil Tokyo Reporter)
Michelle Cutolo (Secondary Education)
Natalie Walker (Kidnappers)
Ying Yuen (My Mother’s Jade)

Best Ensemble Cast Short Film
Dawn (Leon Le, Director)
Made in Chinatown (Kevin Lau, Director)
Princess 56 (Ya-Ting Hsu)
Relativity (Davis Noir, Director)
Two Weeks (Rodney To, Director)

Best Director Short Film
Kevin Lau (Made In Chinatown)
Laurie Tsou (HEW)
Lewei Le (Rock Springs)
Masahiro Sugano (Why I Write)
Michael Tacca (Burmese Refugee)

Best Cinematographer Short Film
Aean Irani (Impression-XPS160)
Daphne Qin Wu (Rock Springs)
Jack Lam (蜜月套房 [Honeymoon Suite])
Misha Kornai (Burmese Refugee)
Ryo Rex (Lil Tokyo Reporter)

Best Editing Short Film
Leon Le (Dawn)
Masahiro Sugano (Why I Write)
Steven Krimmel (Disconnection)
William Lu (Still)
Zao Wang (蜜月套房 [Honeymoon Suite])

Best Original Score Short Film
Christopher Wong (Made In Chinatown)
George Shaw (Keye Luke)
JJ Lee & Chris Lord (Memory of Forgotten War)
Tao Liu (Moments)

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