The Soho International Film Festival (SIFF) is gearing up to start in April and will have screenings at the Sunshine Cinema, 143 East Houston from April 13-20, 2012. While we typically focus our attention on Asian American film festivals, there are some “regular” film festivals that routinely screen the best of Asian American cinema at their festivals and so we like to bring them to readers attention. SIFF always makes it a point to program a diverse array of films giving film buffs a smorgasbord of great films from around the world. As always, our attention immediately focuses on short films because they give us a look at new filmmakers. This year, we wanted to highlight Blood Traffick (Jennifer Thym), Distraktion (Celia Au), Borte, Queen of Tibet (Jodie Lin & Preston Miller) and Enamour (Justin Ho). For complete information about the festival, films, screenings and to purchase tickets, visit their website: SIFF

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